Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Faucet Facination

Sometimes I think we get into a design rut and stick with what is tried and true or always done. SO BORING!!! Just imagine what we could create if we took the time to search and explore! Let's take a simple bathroom faucet for example. Here is a typical bathroom faucet. Now this isn't anything to get all giddy over, is it?Now look at these faucets... Wall mounted Funky shape Wall mounted and traditional
Funky and functional

Practical and coolSnake-likeNeed some water?Give your water a little ride
Cool shape and color
Funky and interesting traditional and sophisticated
Here's some colorful fun. I'm sure those of you with kids can already imagine that your kids will delight in these colorful faucet displays
I like the idea of a different color every time
Amazing aren't they!! Now a few of these are probably a little pricey but I bet with a little more research we could find a similar look that wouldn't necessarily break the bank. And think every time and I mean EVERY time you wash your hands or brush your teeth when you turn this water producing machine it will make you smile! Now that is what we should be focusing on when we design our homes, finding a reason to appreciate and smile! Even at the simply maybe unassuming things that we are surrounded with. I love design!

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