Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pets With Style

I've seen this end table/dog kennel before and I think its a cool idea. I'm not sure you should put anything breakable on top but it's a great way to disguise your canine family members sleeping quarters. I crate my dogs during the day while I am at work (and no I don't have these cool Pet Zens); some people really question me about this. They are so concerned that the dogs will get bored or the best question is "you keep them in there ALL day, what about when they have to go to the bathroom?" Well you see dogs are pack animals and they love their dens. So their kennel is like a bedroom to them and they really "keep it clean" meaning mine have never had an accident in their kennel (now with that being said you can't leave them in there for countless hours). In fact my dogs love getting into their kennels every morning (but it could be that they get a treat) and at night when I'm watching TV they just go lay on there and fall asleep. So if you love dogs but are concerned that the sight of a kennel would ruin your decor try out these Pet Zens. Having dogs is totally worth it.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Popular 60's Furniture and Black Walls

These Panton Stacking Chairs were designed in the 60's by Danish designer Verner Panton. It was the first chair in the world to be created using a single material and single form without any joints. It was easy to mass produce and inexpensive. Like other designers of his time Panton focused on combining organic form with new technology and then added his own unique twist; this twist is what made his designs so popular in the 60’s and today. This chair can be purchased at Design Within Reach (but now that it is considered a classic it is much more expensive then it use to be) or Circa50 (for almost half the price of DWR) it comes a number of fun bold colors.

Now, this post was really suppose to be about the dining room but I got kind of carried away talking about the history of the Panton Chair (I love design history what can I say). So I think this room shows how you can use black (or really dark colors) on the walls and have a great design. People tend to think that dark colors will make your room feel smaller and a lot of times it will but here are a few reasons why it works in this space, and how it could work for you.
  • Nature light, the light helps reflect the dark color and make the space feel bigger (those windows are great)
  • White ceiling, this emphasis's the ceiling giving the illusion of height
  • The furniture, simple lines, light scale and minimal texture keep the room simple and accent the walls instead of competing with them
  • Furniture all one color, the white furniture adds light to the room and again keeps it simple
  • Molding- this architectural feature breaks up the black and creates visual interest

I also have to say- cool lighting. I love it when people pay attention and have cool, unique lighting, it really adds to the style of the room.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Soon this will be what I see when I am outside, oh so soon!


The simplicity of this room is great. I love the glass doors that allow in lots of sunshine. The simple lines of the table compliment the black chairs. Soft colors, simple picture frames, well chosen furniture and white lilies all add to the tranquility of this dining room.
Sometimes simple is just so refreshing.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Design Inspiration

I have found a design blog that is really great. Its written by Anne Spiro and its called Absolutely Beautiful Things. She is an interior designer in Australia and owns a business called Black & Spiro. Here are some fun chairs she used in a house she designed.

I love the fun whimsical prints, bold colors and shape of this chair.

The colors in this stripe chair just pull me and make me want more! The white wood complements the fabric nicely.

Love pinks and blues together. I love how she has taken a classic french style bergere and selected a modern style fabric, just yummy.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Classic Combined With Modern

I really love this room. Back and white tiles are always a classic. The white walls and furniture give a smooth, clean palette and emphasize the textures and colors in the space. Plants are a simple way to bring life and freshness into any room. This room feels airy, welcoming and cozy.

Monday, April 20, 2009

When in Rome

A few days after I graduated from college I went to Europe for a few weeks. The trip was through the Interior Design Department at Ricks College and my closest friends over the last 3 years went. Needless to say we were all full of uncontained excitement. Our first day in Rome we went to see the Trevi Fountain. Young college graduates in one of the most amazing cities in the world, we had just gotten our first Gelato (Italian ice cream), it couldn't have gotten any better. Of course we all threw our coins into the fountain and speculated when and how we would be coming back to Rome!
Here is a little history on the Trevi Fountain. The most famous, and most visited, of all the fountains in Rome; the semi-circular shaped Trevi Fountain sits below pavement level. You have to go down steps to get close to the fountain. The central figure is Neptune, the god of the sea, he is riding his sea-shell chariot is Each horse is guided by a Triton. One horse represents calm and obedience and the other on is restive; they symbolize the fluctuating moods of the sea. The two statues on each side of Neptune represent Abundance and Health. The water at the bottom of the fountain represents the sea and a well told legend holds that if a visitor throws a coin into the fountain they are ensured a return to the Eternal City, Rome. Approximately $3,000 Euros are thrown into the fountain each day; the money is used to subsidize the supermarket for Rome’s needy.
In October of 2007 the water in the Trevi Fountain turned red. In an act of vandalism a man threw a bucket of red paint dye into the water. The fountain re-uses the same water so quickly after the dye was dumped into the water the fountains started spouting red water. After being shut down and cleaned the fountain was given a clean bill of health and no permanent damage was done to the marble statues.
I definitely recommend a trip to Rome. All the architecture and culture and food. It's enough to make you deliriously addicted to traveling!

Friday, April 17, 2009

How About This?

What do you think of this deep lavender color on the ceiling? I'm don't think I love it but I like the unexpectedness of the color being on the ceiling. You would definitely need to have a high ceiling to pull this off, otherwise the ceiling could feel like it was closing in on you. Also cool colors would be easier to make work because they tend to recede; making a space feel bigger. I wouldn't over do this; meaning only do this once in your whole house. I also like the stark contrast of the simple white walls and gray cabinets with the pop of color. Simplicity in the rest of the room is key.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Punch With Color

I love how this neutral room comes alive by adding just a few bright spots of color! The bright grass green is one of my favorite colors lately and the vase of deep pink roses just pops.
I also have to comment on how much I want that glass coffee table. It adds a vintage, chic vibe to the space.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bless the Blasted Rain!

So I really do like rain; but sometimes I just want the sun! 2 rainy day out of 30 sunny days would be fabulous; but continuous rainy days should just not be allowed; it's a good thing I don't live in Seattle! However the rain prompts me to find bright sun shiny places. The pictures below are of some amazing island retreat where I'm sure the weather is always perfect (I won't think about the crazy tropical storms they get).
So for a few minutes I'm just going to stare at this tropical oasis and imagine myself there, lounging on the deck, eating delicious fresh fruit, reading a book, taking a walk, doing a few laps in the pool and most importantly basking in the warmth of the beautiful sun. Oh I feel better already!
I love the the deep, vibrant blues and aquas of the ocean. I think I should capture their brilliance when I re-paint my office area. The lush green of the palms makes me so excited for my flowers and trees to start blooming.
Can you imagine a thatched roof in Utah? No way would it last very long but I love how the texture and relaxed feel contrast with the straight lines and neutral color palette of this modern house. These pictures are courtesy of interior designer Piet Boon, a very talented designer that I will show more of his work in the next few days.
Lately I have realized I need to focus on the good things in any situation I am in; so here is a list of things I love about the rain:
  • The smell! Before, during and after; it's just refreshing and natural
  • Moisture, I love a green yard!
  • The world feels clean
  • Funky, fun, colorful umbrellas
  • Watching it from a window in my nice dry house
  • Hearing the thunder and watching the sky light up from the lightning
  • Rainbows!
  • Curling up in a blanket and watching a movie
  • Eating hot soup- grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup!
  • Playing board games and hanging out together because no one wants to go out!
  • And my favorite.... driving my car through the big puddles and make huge splashes, ha ha
Feel free to leave me comments about other things you love about the rain. The gloomy weather makes me appreciate the good weather more; I guess we need opposites in every aspect of our lives to make us value life and what we love most about it. Because I know on the very next sunny day I will get off work, pick up my dogs, head straight for my favorite trail and enjoy the sun! Oh what great anticipation.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Barcelona Chair

One of my favorite chairs and one of the most recognized pieces of furniture during the modern era is the Barcelona Chair; it continues in popularity since its creation over 80 years ago. The Barcelona Chair was designed for the 1929 World Exposition in Barcelona Spain. Architect and designer Mies van Der Rohe created the chair for the King and Queen of Spain. During the Bauhaus era designers were focused on functional, mass-produced furniture that the working class could afford; the Barcelona Chair was expensive and difficult to mass produce. Mies is known for his fine craftsmanship, and use of traditional luxurious fabrics combined with modern chrome frames. The Barcelona Chair was inspired by ancient folding chairs. I see inspiration from the Greek Klismos Chair and the Roman Sella Curulis stool. This chair is more than a piece of furniture it is an artistic statement; Mies transformed a functional item into a piece of art.
What do you think of this chair?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Times I Need

These are my roommates (Jennie, Me and Melanee). We went bowling. Good times, lots of laughs, and big smiles. We really are a crazy house of girls! I love it. I remember how much I love and need good friends in my life.
Thanks girls! And thanks to all my other really great friends- you know who you are!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

How About That Yellow

I think yellow gets a bad rap in the design world. I mean I know all the color theory's say that too much yellow can cause people to become irritable or lose their temper quicker, but hey, it also says that yellow is welcoming and cheerful! And we all need more cheer and sunshine in our lives. I agree that yellow is tricky to apply right; finding the right shade and the right intensity is probably more crucial and harder to do with this amazingly vibrant color; but it can be done! Here are some inspirational examples of YELLOW.
A little pop of yellow goes a long way. What an awesome way to liven up this kitchen and make a bold statement.
What a pop! Love this!Yellow gives life and energy; I can't help but smile at these rooms. I love these work spaces.
Adding bright colors with light airy furniture makes this room retro, fun and casual.
The unexpected punch of color behind the bookcases is delightful and really showcases the books and accessories.
Here are some toned down uses of yellow. A mellow yellow is softer but yet still full of cheerfulness and life.
This yellow reminds me of Tuscany or a European cafe.
Pastel yellows are more feminine and relaxing.
Yellow works nicely in this formal living space; it opens up the space and feels very welcoming.
My recommendation for the day- add some yellow in your life! I keep a huge vase of yellow forsythia in my office right behind my computer screen. I looked at it numerous times during the day and often I find myself re-energized by their bright happy color.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Good Food

A few years ago I discovered one of my favorite places to eat... Zupas! Its a delicious cafe that serves soups, sandwiches and salads. They just have this fresh, new and unique flavor. They use dark greens in their salad (which for me is huge because I hate ordering a salad and getting only iceberg; yuck) and have a great combinations of fruit, veggies and nuts to mix into your salad and awesome vinaigrette dressings. My favorite salad is the Summer Chicken Salad; with chicken, fresh strawberries, cashews, dried cranberries, grapes, mixed greens, and blush vinaigrette dressing. Now their grilled panini sandwiches have awesome sauces and to-die for bread; I just can't get enough (are you getting hungry yet?). With names like Thai Lobster Curry, New Orleans-Style Gumbo and Tuscan White Bean and Vegetable their soups give you a sense that you are having lunch in a different part of the world!
So while I was in Texas I told my cousin about Zupas and she suggested that we go to one of her favorite places to eat; which she said sounded like Zupas; so we went to Panera Bread. I will admit I was sceptical at first; I mean what could compete with Zupas! They had a very similar style menu (not as many selections) and I ordered a panini and a salad. I had a Fuji Apple Chicken Salad and the dressing was a balsamic apple vinaigrette dressing which I had never had before; there was a little too much dressing on it so the flavor was a little too strong but definitely yummy and new to my taste buds.
Overall I liked Panera; I think they are going for more of a refined, gourmet menu whereas Zupas is going for a light, cultural experience. If you ever get a chance go to either of these places I think your taste palate will be impressed. Now if someone would just open I Zupas in Logan I would be thrilled!

Friday, April 3, 2009

So True

Just a few things to think about. Appreciate and love life. That's all.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


I love my house, but someday I would really like this one!
I love all the windows (natural light and great views are my favorite). Its a modern bungalow/Arts & Crafts style house; I like how open the back porch is but I would add more open patio space too.