Monday, September 27, 2010

Something Besides Weddings and Love

My mom commented on how my blog has gone from mostly design with very little about me to ALL about me and my life and very little design.  I'll admit I have been a little distracted but not with just being married and love stuff.  I moved to San Diego right after I got married and lets just say K's house was a little less then homey.  So I have been busily making this house our home.  Getting organized, figuring out paint and where my decor should go and planning what new decor we will need.  It's been fun and overwhelming; it's not an easy task to combine two lives and two houses.  I mean just figuring out which blankets we should keep, mine, his or just all of them to make it simple, can be quite the task and that is a relatively easy one!  But it is coming together, the entry hall and dining room are all painted and carpet is ordered and I need to hurry and paint the master bedroom, office and family room before it can be installed, whew, then I can put everything back into place and decorate and sit back and enjoy.  But don't worry I have taken a day off here and there to read a book or two.  I have started the job hunt as well and applied for 2 more jobs today, hopefully I hear back from them.
Flowers have a way of cheering me up, whether it's a fresh bouquet or a well done artificial arrangement.  I love bright colorful flowers.
I think this vase is really cool, simple and vintage looking.
I have a vase of forsythias in my family room and it cheers the room up immediately. I would love a fresh bouquet, soon, possibly after the remodel is done, hmmmm, yes I think I will do that.

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  1. Lovely flowers Heidi. Please check my blog today (10/28) you have an award waiting!