Monday, January 25, 2010

The Artistic Side of Me

A few years ago I started dabbling in acrylic paints. Now I have never taken a professional lessons in painting I just taught myself. Some of my creations have been a little scary but I love mixing colors and see what I can create. During the holidays I got this great idea to make a few painting. I think it was funner because I had a specific person in mind and I painted with love. I'm definitely going to keep working at my painting skills although I think I need to branch out from calla lilies.
My first attempt at calla lilies, my favorite flowers. I like the Van Gogh feel.
I painted this for my roommate for Christmas. I won't lie I have thought about stealing it back.

I painted this picture of the Logan Temple for my parents for Christmas.


  1. Wow, you are amazing!! I like the last one the best. So fun. Happy Monday.

  2. Beautiful, keep it up and I'm even more amazing creations will come to life!

  3. Your talents allow the happiness we your readers see - everytime we pop over to your blog.