Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pretty Much Super Exciting News

Well for me anyway!!! Sometimes something so wonderful happens that you think your stars must be aligning just right and the universe loves you! No I didn't win a million dollars or find my own McDreamy but I did find something pretty lose to that!
Okay maybe this isn't THAT big but I am pretty excited about the new Cheerios Snack Mix! I love cereal! But more importantly I love Corn Chex and Cheerios. I buy Chex Mix just to pick out the corn chex pieces and give the rest of the bag to someone else. I love eating a bowl of Cheerios for breakfast, lunch or dinner. And now I can snack on my 2 favorite cereals at once! It's just divine. I'm pretty much planning on this snack getting me through the dark dismal February days we have here in Northern Utah. P.S. did you know you can order cereal and other such snacks from I thought that was pretty fun.

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  1. You crack me up funny girl. And thanks so much for your encouraging comment on my blog today. You completely made my day!!!