Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Explosion of Oil

So I drove up to my parents house on Sunday and there was smoke coming out of the hood, I figured that wasn't a good sign so I had my dad come out and look at it. When we lifted the hood there was oil everywhere! Not a good sign. Now you have to understand that my car isn't a NEW car by any means. In fact its more like the opposite of new. It's an '88 Chrysler LaBaron. Last spring I decided I need to get out of some debt and my parents offered this car for me to drive. I planned on driving it for 4 months (and at the time that seemed like forever!) Well 13 months later (I'm very proud of that fact) I'm out of debt and the car seems to have died. But I have loved not having a car payment! So yesterday I started looking at cars and I was just frustrated because everything I wanted was out of my price range. I just want to be extravagant and get something really cool like a Land Rover or an Audi, but practicality just had to win. So I found a cool little Hyandai Elantra and it was a great deal so I bought it. I think its a cute fun car that will get great gas mileage AND it has a sunroof (which was a must have).

BTW my little brother figured out what was wrong so it looks like the LeBaron will live a little longer, go Gilly!!!


  1. Congrats Heidi -- on the debt and the new car!! You really did it. I just read an article on the best cars and Hyundai Elantras were listed as the best compact car to own - so good choice. I hope it takes you to lots of fun good places. I have a feeling you won't miss the LeBaron too much.

  2. make sure you honk and wave as you drive by. It's gonna take a while getting used to you in a different ride. CUTE CAR!!!