Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What Is A Subway TIle?

 About 5 years ago if I asked anyone what a subway tile was they would tell me they had no idea.  Now if I asked that question more people would know the answer.  Here is the answer for those of you who may still be in the dark.  A subway tile is a rectangular tile, first used in subways, hence the name.  One thing that has made subway tiles popular is glass tiles in a rectangular shape.  I have coveted any glass tile for quite sometime now, however their price tag has kept me from using them in my house.  Most glass tiles start around $25 square foot, and that's on the cheap side! So a small kitchen backsplash would cost close to $900, bummer!  BUT last week I was making one of my daily trips to Home Depot and spotted this:
 Glass tile for $4.99 a sq/ft!! WHAT, I was pretty excited, next to those specials were some tiles for $8 sq/ft.  I realize that these few styles will be in everyone's home in a short time but I just love the translucent, glossy quality they give to a space.  So here are some glass tile, a few subway tile designs for you to devour, enjoy!
 A fairly common style an color scheme.
 Here is a combination of small glass tiles and subway tiles.
 Mixing up a cool pattern.
 These are a mosaic tile, I've had this photo in my design file for close to 10 years and I still love.
 Wooooo, I love the strong contrast in colors, and the vibrant red
 These are a mini subway tile, I like them in small spaces but you would lose the wow factor with too much or in to big of a space.
I love this color and in a shower a very water open feel.

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  1. A post!! I'm happy to see glass tiles available for the masses. Something to keep in mind in case I ever have a kitchen or bathroom to redesign.