Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Nightly Adventure

I can't imagine what it would be like to share my room with 3 other girls but it looks like an adventure!
I grew up as the only girl (besides my mom) in my family for 15 years! Every time my mom was pregnant I would hope and hope for a sister. I thought a sister would be so fabulous; someone to share secrets with, go places with and basically be best friends with. All my friends who had sisters assured me it wasn't as cool as I dreamt it would be. Well after 3 brothers and 15 years as the only girl I finally got a little sister, Rue. And while we never HAD to share the same room or even the same toys we definitely became best friends! I love that we have such a close relationship, we have sleepovers (which include painting our toenails, jambing out to music, watching chick flicks and making yummy gooey treats) daily phone/text chats, shopping sprees and we plenty of shared secrets (like all the boys we have crushes on!). When either of us has a bad day or gets exciting news the first person we call is each other; no one else can cheer me up like she can. It's great that we are so far apart in age but we are closer then most friends I know with sisters closer to their own age. It's Rue's birthday today and she just turned 14!

I love having a best friend and best sister! Happy Birthday Rue!!


  1. I'm not sure about sharing a room with three sisters either, but I love that room. What a great way to save space... and Happy Birthday Mary Lyn!!

  2. Oh you girls are so cute. P.S. I tagged you. Check out my blog if youre confused.

  3. I can't believe she is 14! That is just unbelievable. Happy Birthday Mary Lyn! Our girls are only five years apart, but they also are good friends and love being together.

  4. Okay, late last night it dawned on me... I'm sorry Mari Lyn. I really do know how to spell your name! I must have gone to sleep dreaming of what it would be like to have a sister, because in my dream, Katelin was my sister. When I told her the next morning, she thought that was hilarious. Anyway, happy birthday, again.