Friday, January 7, 2011

Old with a Classic

I love this old raw wood table combined with the classic Panton Stacking Chairs.  These chairs were designed in 1960, during the Postwar era, there were easy to mass produce and were inexpensive.  The chair was the first single-material and single-form chair, made from a strong flexible polypropylene (plastic) the color is fused into the plastic to be an integral color that won't fade.  Now that I'm done with my history spill I can talk more about this room..... 

The table decor is simple but the maize yellow and amethyst really pop against the white and natural wood colors.  I like how the ornaments give just a little sprinkle of holiday cheer, not overdone, it's holiday decor done right.

 I love the white exposed beams against the old rock, and driftwood looking floor.  White combined with the wood tones is clean and striking, and the panton chairs and white slip covered section give a nice juxtaposition with the old feel of the room.

The raw wood table is amazing but I'll be honest, I've tried to buy one of these, I wanted to buy one of these but I can't!  The raw wood is cool looking but I can't handle the feel of it, bummer.  So here are a few tables I drool over, maybe one of you can get one and invite me over for dinner!  I found them here.
Simple and long, I like when the top ends are finished with a perpendicular piece of wood

I like this weathered look

More refinished then the others but I like the color

Reclaimed and awesome

 This one makes me really wish I liked the raw wood feel


  1. I like "Reclaimed and awesome".

  2. I love sturdy tables, the table in my parents' kitchen is a heavy duty tressle table, I just think it is a shame that my mom keeps it covered with table cloths all the time. If I had it I'd use place mats when eating and leave it uncovered the rest of the time.

    I love the old butcher block table in the last photo. Very utilitarian but still beautiful.

    Speaking of reclaimed I LOVE reclaimed brick fireplaces!