Friday, January 28, 2011

Laundry Dreaming

In my old house I had a great laundry room, you can see it here.  In California 99% (that might be slightly exaggerated) of the houses have the laundry in the garage, ugh.  So you can see why I envy these awesome laundry rooms.  One day I will have an awesome one too, AND one that is IN the house!

I could set up a big comfy chair and hang out in here!

This fresh green color is amazing and bright

Laundry  laundry room

I don't necessarily love the colors here but I like the layout especially for a small space and I like the style of the cabinets.

Laundry room traditional laundry room

This looks like a gourmet laundry room with the big huge window. It makes me wonder what the size of the rest of the house is, probably huge!

Mud Room/Laundry Room traditional laundry room

This probably doubles as a mud room but I like the laid back feel with the space to sit down or have someone visit with you while you work.  Apron sinks are very popular and bring a tradional or country feel to the space.   The terra cotta floors are a little busy but I think it works because the rest of the space is so simple.

 This one looks very utilitarian and orderly and very proficient, ideal for a large family

 I love how bright and open this laundry room is!

What do you love about these laundry rooms? If you have a great laundry room I would love to see it, if I get few rooms I would love to do a follow up post to show off your space!


  1. Oh man, why don't I have a house yet??

  2. Oh my gosh, how did I not know this amazingness existed?!

  3. I love that they have natural light, most laundry rooms I've seen are crammed into leftover space, or like you said, in the garage. When you are pretreating laundery or mending clothes you need good light!