Monday, July 27, 2009

Aqua Obsession

I'm painting my basement family room this color and it's pretty much amazing and bright and everything nice! I will post pictures of my family room once it's all done (which could be awhile with how projects are getting done around here lately!) But I love the aqua combined with white and dark woods. Blues in any shade help to open up a space and make a room feel larger. Accenting aqua with whites creates a fresh, crisp, light feel. And I believe whenever you had plants and greenery the space feels alive and airy!


  1. This reminds me of the dining room at Mount Vernon. Their main color was more of a green, then around the top of the wall was a beautiful white border. I absolutely love this, and the one at Mount Vernon. I believe they said that George himself designed it.

  2. oh I really love this how do you think it would look it a bedroom I think I would really like that!

  3. Very bold. I can't see Trevor agreeing to let me paint anything in our home aqua. But other hues of blue are definitely in the running (someday).