Monday, July 6, 2009

Dreaming of Kitchens

You know that feeling you get right when you graduate from college? The feeling that you can accomplish anything you want and the world is yours to conquer? Well right out of college I became a kitchen designer. Now I had never really pictured myself as a kitchen designer; in fact it wasn't even close to what I had planned; I had envisioned big architectural firms in fancy cities preferably on the East Coast! But atlas we all find that you have to begin somewhere and for me kitchens were my beginning. So began my love affair with cabinets, granite, tile, hardware knobs and pulls, appliances, glass and all things KITCHENS!
Here's a list of all the things I love about this kitchen!
  • I love the white and grays with the pops of my favorite aqua blues!
  • The simplicity in the color scheme that makes the small details stand out
  • Gray and white marble is so classic
  • The big square windows that let in all the natural light
  • The white cabinets are painted white not that crappy white plastic stuff
  • The glass french doors with transoms over the doors
  • The island!
  • The apron sink and awesome faucet
  • The open shelves that display fun dishware
  • Hello! a TV in the kitchen (above the microwave)
  • The big wood table with the white chairs and fresh flowers

I love all the materials that go into a kitchen; their texture, their color and shape; it's all so fasinating and alluring. I can't stop by a granite display without checking out all the colors and running my fingers over the cold smooth surface or go into a tile store without cheking out all the new glass tiles they have or pulling out a few floor tiles and pondering where I could put the min my house. Go ahead, tell me I'm a design junky! It's really okay, I already know!


  1. It really is lovely... I bet it even looks with pots and pans and spills everywhere.

  2. That is so beautiful. I like the whites grays and blues in practically everything. I don't think I will be able to afford to redo Grandma's kitchen, but if I could, whites and blues.