Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Have a Little Circle With Your Room

Circles are a great way to add variety and soften sharp corners in a room. Circles suggest comfort and completeness. And I like how in each of these rooms they give a touch of unexpectedness! This mirror is so great.
I think these are a little overdone lately, but hey this post is about circles!
I like oversized!
This is just cool.
I love this circle mixed with all the curved lines.
How about this pendent light? I just think bubbles!
Circles in the mirror, lamp and the floral arrangement. Great contrast with all the squares.
Under the sea!
Take the time to plan your space and think about mixing up the mood by adding fun and interesting shapes to your room. Be a little unexpected!


  1. I like unexpected and I have no circles in my house. Maybe it is time to add some.

  2. Interesting, maybe that is why I wouldn't let them take out my arches when we were adding onto our house. I love arch ways and I am trying to figure how to add some to Grandma's house!