Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bookshelf Obsession

There are so many different kinds of bookshelves. I love how many different ways you can change the feel of a room by how you store your books. I have posted a few of the ones I really love. Tomorrow I will post funky and interesting bookshelves. I love the sleek minimal look of these bookshelves. This is from a really cool company called Brocade Home. I love the curves
I love how square and unassuming this bookcase from West Elm feels.
I like all the zig zags and movement!
I think this makes use of a tough space while adding a good visual dynamic.


  1. Cool! I love bookcases! I think it's a great addition to any room.

  2. I like the stairway bookshelf, I love the use of space.