Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Furniture Finds

I love the shape of this velvet sofa.
I think big chunky wood furniture is really great, and versatile with either contemporary or traditional styles.
This is a unique end table that doubles as a bookshelf

I love these barstools! Leather and chrome, sleek and stunning!


  1. anything that doubles as a book shelf is good - we have 14, I think, book shelves in our house, just moving the book shelves is going to take a day - and the books!

  2. I want that table and I want it NOW! We're restoring a house in the mountains of Andalucia so I'm always looking for nice, unusual pieces of furniture. I'm going to drive my husband mad now!

    Must follow you . . love your blog. Hope you'll visit mine and follow me is you like what you see.

    Back soon!