Monday, September 28, 2009

How Nice

Love the chocolate gray color combined with white. I especially love the wallpaper behind the vanity; nice focal point without being overwhelming. I will be doing more posts on wallpaper in the next few days.


  1. Oh wow I really like that but having a see through shower would make me a little self concious that and you would have to keep it clean!!!

  2. I think this is the type of bathroom you would want to go in and clean... but then again, maybe a toilet is just a toilet. A beautiful room at any rate.

  3. Beautiful in its simplicity. We are adding a second on-suite bathroom to our house right at this minute. The electrics have just gone in and the suite is next. We still have to decide on the colour scheme and I like this very much and would never have thought of using wallpaper in a bathroom. Looks like I came across your blog at the right time as we still have a further floor to add to our house! Love the see through shower but the polishing to keep it sparkling . . . Nooooooooo!!!!