Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bookshelf Twist

Here are some really unique bookshelves!
2 for 1. Bookshelf plus a place to read.
+ some ambient lighting to set your reading mood.
If you are low on wall space try this ceiling book storage space.
Showcase your books and give a little hint about your personality!
I think this is cool. Make books your wall art; and frame it.
I don't know about you but my closet space is too valuable to use this bookshelf idea.
I like the divide this bookshelf makes between spaces while still allowing light and a partial view.
This bookshelf is made out of cardboard!
This is interesting, but how do you fill it up? And if you do manage to fill all those angles what do you do when you want a book that is at the bottom of the pile!


  1. How fun are these ideas!!! I never would have ever thought to build a reading nook right into a book shelf. Hope you are having a lovely week Miss Heidi!!