Wednesday, February 2, 2011

For Life

"Sometimes just the tiniest allocation of time spent with a friend, imprints on your mind and gives you something to smile about for the rest of the week, month, or your life!"
-Marcia Lynn McClure

This is one of my FAVORITE people in the whole world!  And I got to spend 2 whole weeks with her,   2 weeks of chatting, lunch dates, talking about boys, seeing her dance performance, tanning, shopping and sleepovers!  This little girl (growing up WAY too fast) and all of the memories we have shared in the last 15 1/2 definitely imprints in my mind and I'm glad I get to be her big sister!

Stay tuned for more photos from our awesome "photo shoot."  Aren't my dogs the cutest most photogenic dogs ever??!?


  1. It's awesome that you get to spend some good quality time with your little sister, enjoy every minute of it!

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  2. Oh how fun!!! Cant wait for the photo shoot pictures.

  3. The photo shoot came up on my dashboard but then it wont let me look at it. Whats the deal? Mary looks so grown up!