Friday, June 12, 2009

Loads of Laundry Fun

I have wanted to do this to my laundry room forever now. And with the help of my really great friend Tricia Scheele (she is an amazing artist- check out her website) we have a great start. I love how whimsical and Art Nouveau-like it turned out!
This wall isn't all the way done. I plan on having more swirls stretch around the dryer and up the wall more.These pictures are going to go somewhere... I just haven't decided where yet!
I think the memories Trish and I made while painting are just as worthwhile as having this room be so bright and cheerful. And I smile every time I do my laundry now... which is always a good thing right?


  1. That looks so cool, I think when we move into our new house I am going to have to have you come and set it up for me! I have no feel for design at all except to look at mine and say huh it needs something!

  2. Awesome!! I've never seen such a beautiful laundry room. Maybe I would actually get some laundry done...

  3. That's SO neat! I love the swirls!!! I need to come see your house.