Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Barcelona Chair

One of my favorite chairs and one of the most recognized pieces of furniture during the modern era is the Barcelona Chair; it continues in popularity since its creation over 80 years ago. The Barcelona Chair was designed for the 1929 World Exposition in Barcelona Spain. Architect and designer Mies van Der Rohe created the chair for the King and Queen of Spain. During the Bauhaus era designers were focused on functional, mass-produced furniture that the working class could afford; the Barcelona Chair was expensive and difficult to mass produce. Mies is known for his fine craftsmanship, and use of traditional luxurious fabrics combined with modern chrome frames. The Barcelona Chair was inspired by ancient folding chairs. I see inspiration from the Greek Klismos Chair and the Roman Sella Curulis stool. This chair is more than a piece of furniture it is an artistic statement; Mies transformed a functional item into a piece of art.
What do you think of this chair?

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  1. I do love the Barcelona Chair. Vey nice picture too!