Wednesday, April 8, 2009

How About That Yellow

I think yellow gets a bad rap in the design world. I mean I know all the color theory's say that too much yellow can cause people to become irritable or lose their temper quicker, but hey, it also says that yellow is welcoming and cheerful! And we all need more cheer and sunshine in our lives. I agree that yellow is tricky to apply right; finding the right shade and the right intensity is probably more crucial and harder to do with this amazingly vibrant color; but it can be done! Here are some inspirational examples of YELLOW.
A little pop of yellow goes a long way. What an awesome way to liven up this kitchen and make a bold statement.
What a pop! Love this!Yellow gives life and energy; I can't help but smile at these rooms. I love these work spaces.
Adding bright colors with light airy furniture makes this room retro, fun and casual.
The unexpected punch of color behind the bookcases is delightful and really showcases the books and accessories.
Here are some toned down uses of yellow. A mellow yellow is softer but yet still full of cheerfulness and life.
This yellow reminds me of Tuscany or a European cafe.
Pastel yellows are more feminine and relaxing.
Yellow works nicely in this formal living space; it opens up the space and feels very welcoming.
My recommendation for the day- add some yellow in your life! I keep a huge vase of yellow forsythia in my office right behind my computer screen. I looked at it numerous times during the day and often I find myself re-energized by their bright happy color.


  1. i love the bed aND i LOVE THE LAST pic

  2. Yellow has always been one of my favorites! And while it is sometimes hard to get it right, it just can't be boring. I love that!