Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pets With Style

I've seen this end table/dog kennel before and I think its a cool idea. I'm not sure you should put anything breakable on top but it's a great way to disguise your canine family members sleeping quarters. I crate my dogs during the day while I am at work (and no I don't have these cool Pet Zens); some people really question me about this. They are so concerned that the dogs will get bored or the best question is "you keep them in there ALL day, what about when they have to go to the bathroom?" Well you see dogs are pack animals and they love their dens. So their kennel is like a bedroom to them and they really "keep it clean" meaning mine have never had an accident in their kennel (now with that being said you can't leave them in there for countless hours). In fact my dogs love getting into their kennels every morning (but it could be that they get a treat) and at night when I'm watching TV they just go lay on there and fall asleep. So if you love dogs but are concerned that the sight of a kennel would ruin your decor try out these Pet Zens. Having dogs is totally worth it.

1 comment:

  1. Pretty stylin' kennel. It would be quite a surprise to be sitting at someone's house and then see their dog pop out of their end table. I am laughing in my head just thinking about that. Okay, it seems pretty unlikely but still, it would be funny!