Monday, April 6, 2009

Good Food

A few years ago I discovered one of my favorite places to eat... Zupas! Its a delicious cafe that serves soups, sandwiches and salads. They just have this fresh, new and unique flavor. They use dark greens in their salad (which for me is huge because I hate ordering a salad and getting only iceberg; yuck) and have a great combinations of fruit, veggies and nuts to mix into your salad and awesome vinaigrette dressings. My favorite salad is the Summer Chicken Salad; with chicken, fresh strawberries, cashews, dried cranberries, grapes, mixed greens, and blush vinaigrette dressing. Now their grilled panini sandwiches have awesome sauces and to-die for bread; I just can't get enough (are you getting hungry yet?). With names like Thai Lobster Curry, New Orleans-Style Gumbo and Tuscan White Bean and Vegetable their soups give you a sense that you are having lunch in a different part of the world!
So while I was in Texas I told my cousin about Zupas and she suggested that we go to one of her favorite places to eat; which she said sounded like Zupas; so we went to Panera Bread. I will admit I was sceptical at first; I mean what could compete with Zupas! They had a very similar style menu (not as many selections) and I ordered a panini and a salad. I had a Fuji Apple Chicken Salad and the dressing was a balsamic apple vinaigrette dressing which I had never had before; there was a little too much dressing on it so the flavor was a little too strong but definitely yummy and new to my taste buds.
Overall I liked Panera; I think they are going for more of a refined, gourmet menu whereas Zupas is going for a light, cultural experience. If you ever get a chance go to either of these places I think your taste palate will be impressed. Now if someone would just open I Zupas in Logan I would be thrilled!

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