Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Popular 60's Furniture and Black Walls

These Panton Stacking Chairs were designed in the 60's by Danish designer Verner Panton. It was the first chair in the world to be created using a single material and single form without any joints. It was easy to mass produce and inexpensive. Like other designers of his time Panton focused on combining organic form with new technology and then added his own unique twist; this twist is what made his designs so popular in the 60’s and today. This chair can be purchased at Design Within Reach (but now that it is considered a classic it is much more expensive then it use to be) or Circa50 (for almost half the price of DWR) it comes a number of fun bold colors.

Now, this post was really suppose to be about the dining room but I got kind of carried away talking about the history of the Panton Chair (I love design history what can I say). So I think this room shows how you can use black (or really dark colors) on the walls and have a great design. People tend to think that dark colors will make your room feel smaller and a lot of times it will but here are a few reasons why it works in this space, and how it could work for you.
  • Nature light, the light helps reflect the dark color and make the space feel bigger (those windows are great)
  • White ceiling, this emphasis's the ceiling giving the illusion of height
  • The furniture, simple lines, light scale and minimal texture keep the room simple and accent the walls instead of competing with them
  • Furniture all one color, the white furniture adds light to the room and again keeps it simple
  • Molding- this architectural feature breaks up the black and creates visual interest

I also have to say- cool lighting. I love it when people pay attention and have cool, unique lighting, it really adds to the style of the room.


  1. Yes, I'm a bit scared of dark colors and cave-like rooms, but here it is working.

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