Monday, March 22, 2010

Closet Obsession

Remember a few weeks ago I planned on doing a big post on closets? Well I finally got the post put together. Now if only I could replace a bedroom in my house and convert it into one of these absolutely fantastic closets. I think I would take any of them.
And sign me up for a nice big skylight in my closet too!!I love that everything has a place and it looks so orderly.
Everything is so easily viewable and accessible.
I want this much space for my shoes!
Or this much space!
I think I could very easily fill up this space just with my clothes. Imagine a space for all your off season clothes- no more switching and storing them under your bed.
I love the idea of an island. All those drawers for hats, headbands, jewelry, scarves,
I love the baskets and the black cabinets. The clerestory windows add natural light and look awesome.
This looks having your own personal store. I half expect to have a nice little lady come out and help me get dresses.

If I remember right this is Operas closet. I love the shoe storage and the lighting.


  1. Oh my goodness are these amazing!!! I love every one of them. However, if I happened to ever get one I would need to go on a major shopping trip to fill all the spaces.

  2. So is having windows in your closet a good idea wouldn't that fade some of the clothes? I love these though someday when we build our own house I want to make a huge closet!!!