Monday, March 15, 2010

A Little Overstock Shopping

I was recently checking out and came across some fun and fairly inexpensive pieces of furniture and lighting. So if you are shopping for your home check them out. I have wanted this chair, forever! It's a Charles Eames Executive Office Chair. And at the price I might just be getting it for my office at work.
I think this light is fun and unique.
I love the chunkiness of this side table. I always dreamed of having a canopy bed. And I think I would dream better too.
I like these industrial style barstools.
And these contemporary barstools.I might need a chaise in my bedroom, but I'm thinking it would kind of look like the chair I currently have in there.... covered in clothes.

What a fun sideboard

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  1. You sure find the most interesting things. That contemporary bar stool made me laugh when I saw it. It kind of reminds me of the chair I sit in when I get my hair done, minus the no back part. I do love the sideboard!!! Happy Monday Miss Heidi.