Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Domestic Attempts

So all growing up I distinctly remember EVERY girl swooning and ahhhhing over a Kitchenaid Mixer. Having gone to my fair share of bridal showers, I remember every girl squealing with absolute ecstasy because. they. just. got. a. kitchenaid. mixer!! And I always walking away shaking my head and wondering what the big huge deal was about having one of these mixers. I figured I was just left out on the secret cult called getting married and wanting so badly to have this ultimate cooking/baking machine so I can cook all day and make my family wonderful foods, geez all of that just because I'm still single, haha, I joke. Then I learned that tons of my single friends loved this machine too, what the heck??! Okay enough with the drama, you get the idea. Well anyway a few weeks ago my mom and I were shopping at Kohl's and they had these mixers on sale, we also had a 30% off coupon. So when I saw the mixer I thought to myself, why don't we just get one and maybe you'll get married, kidding. But I thought why not. So I bought it and took it home, and it sat in the garage for 2 or 3 weeks. Last night I was feeling bad for the mixer and I was reading this yummy website called Bakerella where I saw these, cake balls:
And I figured I should bust out the Kitchenaid. So a run to Walmart for the necessary ingredients (I've been eating healthy so I had nothing in my house to whip up anything this overly sugary, I'll be posting tomorrow about my wonderful new Body Bugg-you should google that now, or just wait until tomorrow) Set up the Kitchenaid and got domestic. I wish I could say my cake balls looked this good but I couldn't figure out how to roll the ball in the frosting so I drizzled it over the ball and spread it out. And while I still haven't figured out the obsession with the Kitchenaid I can say it was pretty fun to use and of course it will make a nice addition to my kitchen, I mean its looks alone should brighten my kitchen right?


  1. I LOVE my KitchenAid mixer. I just wish I had time to use it more...and you're right, I think it might be a bit of a cult. :)

  2. I was never sat in awe over a Kitchen Aid (or a Bosch mixer, either). But when you need one, they are wonderful. Try making homemade bread with it. So much easier and people will think you are really domestic.