Thursday, March 25, 2010

Super Tired Out

For the last few weeks I have been picking up the distance I walk everyday. This past Sunday my roommate and I walked 8 miles and jogged home the last 1 1/2 miles. And of course my dogs are ever eager to go but on this particular trip when we arrived home, just short of 2 1/2 hours later, I got out the food bowls and filled them up thinking my dogs would be hungry and scarf their food down (they do this every other day). But to our utter surprise and humor they both walked over to their food bowls sniffed and then plopped down and fell asleep! I guess 8 miles was a bit much for these small guys. We sure did get a laugh because food at our house is not ignored like that, not even among the people in our house! (please ignore the Christmas rug, this picture has pointed out to me that it is obviously time to switch that out)


  1. Oh man, from one dog lover to another, I love this! P.S. what are you going into? Do you do interior design?? All I know is that when Jake and I start decorating a house (that we at least another five I'm going to refer to your blog. And HGTV...

  2. Foxy- I graduated in Interior Design 9 years ago! (where has all the time gone, ahh) I was a kitchen designer for 4 1/2 and now I teach at Bridgerland Applied Technology College in Logan, UT. I'm glad you are getting fun, great ideas from my blog. I read your's weekly and it always gives me a good laugh. I have found that we have a lot in common with our love for living in Utah and all that that implies! We have very similar views on life and religion too, I just don't vocalize mine on this blog too much. Maybe I should start another one (ya right, who has the time for that).