Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Good vs. New

Awhile ago I was reading a post over at Speaking in CAPS; I don't know this guy but he made a great statement that has stuck with me over the last few months.

This is the idea:
If something is "good" only because it is new,
then it will likely only be good while it is new.

I loved this idea! It can apply to so many things; jobs, cars (or any possession), relationships and of course our homes. I think about the "great finds" I have purchased over the last few months; for instance I got a really cute pair of shoes at Famous Footwear and I've only worn them a few times but I already feel like they are wearing out. This is a classic example of my shoes only being good or making me happy while they were new. Or the wall art I got at TJ Maxx that I really really wanted that now sits in my basement with all the other extra decor items I have but I'm not currently using. And how about the fun flirty guy I went out with a few times this summer and we really hit it off but I know he doesn't have some of the long term qualities I need, he's good because he's new but once he isn't new anymore I can't imagine him being as good.

Our home is the one place we can escape the world. We unwind from a buys day at work, we cultivate relationships, and build a place where we and the people in our lives can feel safe and loved. Sometimes in design we can get so caught up in the latest trends, the "wanting" of new furniture or nicer appliances, we often forget about enjoying what we have.

What I love about design isn't having the latest styles or the most expensive finishes (don't get me wrong I do like those things) but I love making someone love their home! Helping them cultivate an atmosphere of peace and a building a retreat to escape and enjoy the best things they have in their lives- family, friends, hobbies, pets, and being who they are. These are the "good" things in life that last, that don't fade just because they were once new

While i think a lot of things we buy are fads and we will eventually outgrow them there are important things in life like who we choose to spend our time with, our homes and our jobs that we need to make sure we give it this thought. That we make sure its the quality we need not just something new and flashy that will entertain or sustain us for awhile. And I believe the things that we want to remain good don't necessarily happen fast, come easily or are spur of the moment purchases or decisions.

I want to fill my life with good things that stay good and that make me feel good about myself and my life.

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