Thursday, October 1, 2009

More Wallpaper

I love this wallpaper. I love the idea of being able to customize it with paint or even pictures. I think this wallpaper is fresh and bright and fun, perfect for a kitchen. Circles, bubbles and sea life have never looked so good. I love this pattern.
It's amazing how one pattern in different color schemes can invoke completely different feelings. This color scheme gives me that warm fall cozy feeling while the next 2 give me a completely different feeling. I feel light and clean and airy with this color scheme.
This color scheme gives me the feel of winter and icicles; cool and brisk.
Taking wallpaper and creating artwork makes a fabulous statement!


  1. I just can't make up my mind!

  2. I love the "customize me" wallpaper. It's the perfect reason to let your kids color on the walls!