Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Big News

I'm changing my blog around a bit and shortly I will have my own domain and new blog name!  It will be the same blog you have been coming to for over a year now but I hope to have some awesome new features as well.  With Kolbe's crazy season at work coming to a close we can finally work on the blog plans we have been dreaming up.

Once his game ships (he makes MLB11 THE SHOW for all you baseball fans out there) he gets 2 or 3 weeks of comp time, hopefully I will get enough posts planned in advanced that you won't even know I'm gone!  We have been tossing around a bunch of mini vacation plans so needless to say I'm pretty excited, and if we end up staying home and working on some projects I'll be happy with that too.

So for now here are a few hints about my not new and hopefully much improved blog!





 Paint cans

What could it be?!  Keep checking back and find out soon!

1 comment:

  1. Excited for you Heidi. Can't wait to see your big new plans for this lovely blog of yours.