Monday, February 14, 2011

Blog Funk

Today is a blah day....
  1. I sat down today to give a post on kitchens and nothing feels like it is cohesive or coming together right.  
  2. Somehow I deleted my huge file of blog photo files which has me frustrated because it represents hours of work and categories and post ideas.
  3. My back is very slowly healing but I feel like every good day is followed by a few bad ones and I just want to be able to walk and exercise and feel normal again.
  4. I have a sinus infection that I think is giving me these monstrous headaches for the last 2 weeks and I'm just tired of feeling so sick and lazy.
  5. My laundry is stacking up and I have NO desire to do it, hahaha, I think that might be normal for everybody!
  6. I want to have a good day but I just don't have the energy, hopefully tomorrow will be better (sorry for all the complaining).
So I'm postponing my kitchen posts and taking the day off and we will see what I come up with tomorrow.  I found these super cute dog photos and thought I should share, they are from Beth Berry photography.  The first one looked like it could be my dogs.  I want to try this sometime. 

I think if someone was behind the chair with a treat my dogs would totally pose for this!

 So cute!


  1. Love the dog butts (and faces too). Hope you feel better soon.

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