Thursday, February 17, 2011

Neutrals Need Color and Colors Need Them!

I love the neutral greys and whites in combination with the bright turquoise and coral orange in this room. The neutral background really makes these bright colors more vivid and they become the main focus of the space. The grey gives these colors the backdrop to be seen and noticed. Imagine if the background was a darker shade of turquoise or a competing color such as green or purple, the effect would be completely different, it would dull and downplay the vibrancy that we see here. We need the juxtaposition (I love that word!) that a neutral tone paired with color gives us. If this room was all shades of grey it would be equally boring as a room with all color and no neutrals. These two opposites need each other to show off their strengths.

It's amazing to me how this concept is repeated through all design and nature as well. We need soft with hard and shiny with dull and rough with smooth. That contrast and those differences are what make design so unique and inspiring. Notice in nature and in the space around you, what kind of juxtapositions do you see??

The definition of juxtaposition:
a circumstance where two unlike things are next to one another. It has a quality of being unexpected. (from

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