Monday, February 28, 2011

Farewell to Ooh La La and Hello to........!!!

I've done it, I've changed my blog!  

Now don't worry I'm not really going anywhere, I just wanted my own domain name and a new look. This change has been in the idea and planning stage for a few months but I needed a little help from my computer techy husband to get things ready.  My new blog will still have lots of the same stuff you guys come here to see, but it's going to include a lot of new and exciting things as well.  

I first started blogging to document design and my life but blogging has turned into more for me.  It's a place I've met people and made friends and I've shared ideas and my life with my readers.  I love that I have blog friends, people I have never met but we feel like we know each other from reading and keeping up through our blogs.  I hope you all make this change with me and continue to read my blog.  

So I bet you were wondering what the rainbow colored photos meant right?  Well my new blog is:

Like the name implies it is about color but it's all still related to design and life and being inspired by the world around us.  Click over and check it out, all my old posts from this site will be there and more great posts will be coming.  My first welcome post will tell you all about the new blog and what new things you can expect!  

I'm so excited and I hope you are too.  See you over at Affair with Color.   

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