Monday, February 7, 2011

A Day At The Beach

 There is a dog beach in Solona Beach and we'd been talking about taking the dogs.  Kolbe FINALLY had a weekend off so we jumped in the car and drove to the ocean.  It's still kind of crazy that we can go to the beach in shorts in February!  Since moving to San Diego we've introduced the dogs to dog parks, we didn't have any of those in Utah, at first they didn't know quite what to do but as we've gone more they have started to get the hang of it.

 Meeting and playing with other dogs, there were so many people and dogs out today, i think everyone is loving the warmer weather. Winter is officially over here. 

 Deja didn't know what to do when the water got up to her belly.

 It only took a couple sips before Copper decided the water was NOT tasty!

 They loved playing

 Look at those blue skies and beautiful oceans!

Worn out after an afternoon of fun! (I love how Copper can't just go lay down like Deja, he has be as close to us as possible.)

We had such a fun afternoon, I think we plan on going more this year, I can't wait and I think the dogs will be excited too!

Bonus- VIDEO!
Here is a video that I'm sure no one but my mom and sister will care to watch but that's okay I'm posting it for them mostly, but if you are still curious go ahead and watch.  It's so funny hearing your own voice. I love how Deja acts like the water is going to get her! 

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