Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Childhood Memory

My husband loves cars, he can look at any car and know a number of facts and whatnot about the car like the make, model, year and all sorts of engine stuff and features.  We came across a car similar to this one and I remembered having one like it so we looked it up and I took a little trip down memory lane.

When I was a little girl, around 3, we had this really cool car.  It was a limey green Pinto.  I guess I loved this car because when my parents went to sell it I cried and cried; even though I don't really remember what I loved about it I guess I was really attached to it. 

How could you not love this car.  I kind of wish I had one again, but it would have to be the same lime green color.
 My husband loves old cars, I guess I may be having one like this sooner then later huh?

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  1. My husband's first car was a white pinto with red and blue pin stripes. He wrecked it, of course. But it's still his first love. This green number is just delightful. I love its personality. I wonder what it would cost today?