Wednesday, May 13, 2009

House For The Holiday?

This is the house, oh excuse me mansion, in LA that Kate Winslet trades her quaint little cottage in England with Cameron Diaz for the Christmas Holiday in the movie "The Holiday." If I could trade houses for awhile with this one, I totally would. Tall ceilings, huge windows and cream sofas- a single girls dream! I just want to sink into their cozy comfort and breathe a big sigh of pleasure.I love how the walls are all a soft creamy white but it doesn't feel boring or plain. And aren't the gray slate tile floors striking?I mean seriously, I love taking a nice long bath, but I would really LOVE taking a bath in this tub. And maybe checking out the cabana boy while I'm at it (I'm sure this house comes with a hot cabana boy, don't all mansions come with one, ya I think they do)
I'm NOT a gourmet cook but for a week I could be or maybe I could just eat everything the "real" gourmet chief cooks up!
This bedroom is amazing! My favorite part is when Kate wakes up and gets a call from her old flame and feeling hopeless she pushes a button and the black-out drapes automatically begin lowering. Leaving the room in blissful, coveted darkness; she abandons her cares for a few more hours of pleasurable slumber!


  1. I totally want to see this movie now!

  2. That is one of my all time favorite movies...and if you live in this house, can I be your roommate??