Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lovely Emblishments

I think these rub-on transfer decals, from American Craft, you can put on anything, but I like them on these wine glasses I think they would make my yummy fruit concoctions even yummier! This table just jumps with personality.

I want to be able to drink out of these cool food/water bowls! But I will just have to settle for watching my dogs drink from them. They are a little pricey (and now I can't find where I saw it at), maybe I can make them myself! Plywood is pretty easy to bend right?

I love this aqua color, in fact last week I painted my future office this exact color, then I saw this mirror and loved it combined with the pink.
I want to learn how to do cake decorating but I'm afraid my creations won't look anything like what inspires me. And anyway how does one learn how to decorate a cake?

I love abstract designs. This cream and deep lavendar rugs has an organic leaf-like design.


  1. I love all of these things. Do you think I could set up the dish of food for my kids?

  2. Take a cake decorating class at your local Michael's craft store. Or just google Wilton cake decorating.