Monday, May 11, 2009

Photo Mania!

I can’t help but notice that there is a reviving trend in photo galleries/wall collages. Back in the 80’s it was mostly family photos but this current tread is much more dynamic! It ranges from eclectic tastes in favorite art work, to displaying your favorite hobby. A well implemented wall collage can be inspiring and refreshing but likewise a poorly designed one can be confusing and unsettling.
I like that a bunch of small pieces can take the place of a large piece of artwork. It adds a fun unexpected element to a space and mixes up the traditional idea of one or two pieces of art on a wall. It’s definitely a more eclectic way of designing and initially it takes more thought and planning to put together. I think it is hard to accomplish a well balanced photo gallery, here are some guidelines you should consider:
  1. Theme. Why did you choose the specific pieces you did? Are they places you have traveled to, items you love, things you collect, or your children. By choosing a theme you give your viewers something to focus on.
  2. Harmony. I think harmony is extremely important in artfully executing a wall collage. Remember Harmony = Variety + Unity. For example, if you have a variety of pictures with some in color, some black and white and some sepia (there is your variety), keep your frames the same color (for unity). The more unity you have the more formal your collage will feel.
  3. Placement. Where are you going to display your wall collage and why. Are you just trying to fill a blank wall or do you want to create a conversation piece?
  4. Spacing. A large number of pieces placed close together will give your collage a less formal, high energy feel; whereas fewer pieces placed farther apart will create a more formal, calm atmosphere.
  5. Remember its art! Take your time, enjoy arranging it and remember you can always change it. Making it something YOU love is the ultimate end result.
I love this one! The curved stairway and open ceiling make it a perfect place for a wall collage.
Black frames and white mats are a great way to keep this collage uniform.
I love the height this collage gives the room. It really makes a statement and its so uniform but fun.

I think this collage is so unique. The mix of other elements besides picture frames really gives it a punch of personality.

I think its great how the picture frames follow you up the stairs. And I like how they fit together so well. It just shows that a little planning can be worth the work.

There isn't a lot of unity in this collage except for maybe the consistency in the frame sizes but I think it works because of the simplicity of the frames and the artwork isn't too busy.
I love that this collage takes up the whole wall. I love the variety of sizes and I think the artwork is very eye-catching.
This is a great way to use a small wall space without over doing it.
I like how this arrangement incorporates other accessories that had visual interest and pops of color. I also like the large picture frame on the floor leaning against the wall (however I wouldn't have put the bench in front of it).
I think the simple frames with the same size picture work because of the symmetry and repetition.
Again I like the symmetry and the big frames.
The color, the silver frames, the safari theme and the candles all together just look fantastic!
This is a very formal collage; from the black and white photos to the back frames to the square frame they build.
I like this arrangement, there is a good variety of sizes and it fills up the odd shaped wall so well.
The vertical pieces just makes everything about this arrangement work, great variety in sizes and lots of fun bright colors!
The theme is very apparent in this collage. I'm not sure if I like how spread out it is but I think it works. They placed the large, medium and small pieces throughout the collage really well.
This one feels un-unified, cluttered and un-planned.
I like the shape this collage makes. Do you see how having the frames really close together makes it feel busier?
Again I feel like this one was not planned. Just imagine the possibilities a little planning could create.This is one of my favorites! It executes modern so well. I love the color and the symmetry.

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  1. Such neat pictures! Where do you find these? I love going outside the norm. :)