Friday, May 8, 2009

Why Would You Think This Was Cool?

Wow! Do the owners of this kitchen just love bunt pans so much that they wanted everyone to see how much they love them? Or were they all gifts they couldn't part with? Better yet did they not have ANY art work that was better that they just HAD to put these on the walls? I mean seriously! This is not the cool vintage that is so popular these days. I could think of a hundred other ways to make this wall interesting and cool. Anyway next week I'm doing a post on cool ways to do wall collages, this is just a preview of what NOT to do.
Oh and this one is an example of too much but I at least its not hangers all over the walls!

1 comment:

  1. The bundt pans I'm not about...the photos I think COULD work, but somehow it just doesn't...

    Here's an idea: comparisons of what works and what doesn't...I mean, could you find a wall collage of bundt pans that DOES work as well as one of photos?? I think it would be very interesting...I'm staying tuned!!!