Monday, May 4, 2009

Light and Bright

I love huge windows. I love how they let the outdoors in and how a space just feels so much bigger and brighter with lots of natural light. Now that being said I live in region of the country that makes that really really impractical. Our winters are too cold and long to make huge windows very economical, but I think when I build my dream house (if it happens to still be in Utah) I will forget practicality and go for the breathtaking view and the feeling freedom and the ability to experience the weather from my cozy spot on my sofa.
I love the view of the river and the city!Experiencing the outdoors everyday.
This just looks so peaceful and serene.
Can you imagine being in this chair during a huge lightning storm?
Bright, cheery and fun! I love it.

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  1. Nothing is better than lots of natural light.