Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jazzing Up Ceilings

There is a company online called interior systems that specializes in decorative acoustical ceiling tiles. Now this may not be ideal for your house (but think of how great acoustical control could be with young kids) but it is great for restaurants, hotels and hospitals. Whenever I am in a hospitality setting I am always looking and critiquing the design (its part of passion of design), I pay particular attention to ceilings too and I'm amazed to see how many places ignore the ceiling. I mean do they just figure its the ceiling no one ever looks up or was it simply forgotten. I have noticed that when attention and thought has been given to the ceiling it really does add to the ambiance of the place.
I love the pattern and color here!
Tin tiles (or at least they imitate tin) are a fun way to add character to a ceiling. They are also a great way to give a vintage or late 1920's earl 1930's look.
While these sunburst are not my favorite I think it gives the room a lighthearted, dreamlike atmosphere.

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  1. So the ceilings reminded me of some things my aunt is doing with a home that they are restoring and I thought you would be interested in looking at some of the stuff they are doing it is so cool! They have a blog of all of it at a few posts back they are doing the ceilings!