Thursday, November 5, 2009

For My Mom

Has anyone else had the craziest week ever this week? Well I have! Ahhhh, so my posts have been short and quick without much time. I've also been rearranging my files onto an external hard drive (which I'm very excited about, ya know tech gadgets). This week I have been focusing on architecture. I am so obsessed with buildings I love their history, the way they work with their landscape and just the beauty of someone else's creativity (and I get a little jealous cause I wish I was more creative) So I have a few pictures from Coastal Living I snagged these because my mom loves lighthouses and would leave tomorrow if she got the chance to live in one! Now this isn't a real lighthouse but I think my mom would love it. I don't think my mom is a daily reader of my blog but I'll for sure give her a call and tell her I dedicated a whole post for her today, so she better read it. haha. And maybe its my way of saying thanks mom for waking up at 2am when I called last night and just needed someone to talk to, you are the best mom!!!!
I would move tomorrow to if it meant I had this view EVERYDAY. Ah. Love.
I'm imaging my mom here with my cute dogs sitting with her. But really love the porthole window, architectural details, double vault ceiling and wood ceiling.
So beautiful!

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  1. Ahh, I'd say, let's grab our Moms and head there tomorrow!!! I am all for that - what a wonderful looking place!