Monday, November 9, 2009

New Art Love

A few select people know that I love to paint. Now for those of you who don't know this it's because I don't tell very many people, the main reason being I'm not good at painting, at all. I promise. I want to be, trust me, I long to be as good as these artists that I admire. So since I'm not I just pretent and attempt to be.
This originally started when I had left over acrylic paints from a project in college. I didn't want to throw out these paints because they were $5 a tube and in college that was huge! So instead of throwing them out I bought some canvas and brushes and thus began my love with "tyring" to paint. Maybe one day I will post some of my creations. I actually finished one a few weeks ago that I am extremely impressed with (I guess practice is making me better).
The best part and the main reason I have kept with this little passion is that I have found painting to be very therapeutic for me. It doesn't matter what kind of day I had or what is going on in my life when I sit down to paint I create, I relax and I connect with myself. As cheesy as that sounds I have discovered a hobby that I love and that I hope to continue doing (and maybe I'll become famous because I got that good, I can dream right?).
I recently discovered these painting are by artist, Timothy Sorsdahl.
I love his use of color and simplicity, I am planning on using some of his work as inspiration for my next masterpiece!
Through my experience with painting I have also gained a renewed appreciation for how truly talented these artist are!!! People, art is not as easy to create as it may look.
I love mixing colors and seeing how they translate to my blank canvas. Some are bright and vibrant and some are matte and dull.

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