Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Place To Live

I am often amazed at people's creativity, and especially when this creativity it applied to architecture. Check out some of these fun places to live.When telling someone where you live would you say, " I live in the green circle with the yellow bottom, yep that's my house!"
Or how about, To get to my place you have to walk UNDER the whole building, go up the stairs and then find my apartment." And I think I would feel very unimportant if I didn't get one of the cool places that cantilevered off the main building and that was brightly colored!
Then again maybe I would just move to this little "hidden" spot, tucked away from the world.
But then again this place looks exciting. Hopefully the neighborhood parties are as happening as their architectural style!
And if I wanted to go for a girl living in a shell approach I would live here. I bet when the sun hits this glass wall the interior lights up with a color party!
And on a day where I felt like I was a mix and match of design styles and I just couldn't make up my mind what I want to be this place would somehow feel like I was more put together then my eclectic tendencies thought.

These occupants have style, you can't deny that. I might worry about safety but never about boredom or personality. How can you not smile when you drive up to this place??

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  1. Heidi your post is absolutely amazing. Definitely my favorite of the day. I have to say out off all the fun little architectural designs, I like the cottage that is build into the side of the hill the best. However, the one right after it is a close second. Hope you are having a lovely day. XoXo