Friday, November 20, 2009

Tiffany Blue

Have you ever known of one single hue that is so recognizable as Tiffany Blue, does anyone even have any doubts as to what type of presents this will be? I mean it has to be something with DIAMONDS because IT IS in a TIFFANY BOX! I love the how this color is transferring into our interiors. I am a person who generally gravitates to various shades of blue so this color definitely catches my attention.
Here are color schemes that have derived from Tiffany Blue.
In this kitchen it is subtle shade that is soothing yet bright. I love the contrast with the white cabinets and gray countertops.
Blues are known to make a space feel spacious and calming.
Combining it with pinks gives it a youthful and playful feel.I love this tufted chaise. And the stripe on the wall is a fun twist.
This laundry room feel light and breezy and clean.
While this is a few shades darker then the original Tiffany Blue I love it.

This laundry room is brighter too but still fun and carefree.


  1. I heart blue, too. Great photos.

  2. Where can I find this color swatch of Tiffany Blue?

    Thanks. Bev

  3. Bev, I believe I found that color swatch at this website.

  4. where can i find that blue chaise? I LOVE IT!