Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'm Not Okay With This

One thing I can't get over is this recent craze for chalkboard walls. Did everyone forget what a mess they were in elementary school? And how if you even touched them you were finding chalk marks all over yourself for the rest of the day! So why does everyone think this is such a great idea to paint a chalkboard wall in their house? Sure I get the idea that in a kitchen it looks kind of restaurantish; but people it only looks cool for the first time you do it! What happens when you erase it and it leaves the chalk smears and dust? Yuck!

All I think when I see this is big yucky MESS!

I get the idea that you want to give your child an area to develop their creativity but doesn't a easel with a huge art pad do the same thing, with a whole lot less mess? That would be my option.

And again, why would you want this on your dresser, so that your clothes come out already messy?
Maybe there these people just love giving themselves extra work cause they love cleaning, but I am definitely not that kind of person.


  1. Yes, I whole-heartedly agree. I hate chalk-boards!

  2. I have to admit that I was laughing pretty hard when I was reading your post today. You are so funny, but I do completely agree with you. My sister actually had a chalkboard painted on the wall in her room and I always found myself cleaning it off. Lol!!