Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bargaining Prize

The other day K texted me saying he was going to buy a few video games, I thought cool he hadn't bought a video game since we started dating (he makes video games for a living so it goes with the territory).  When he got home he said the "few games" turned into 10! So I said for every 3 games you buy I get to but a pair of shoes  He thinks I have too many shoes and thinks buying more is crazy, kind of what I think of video games, so I figured we would be even.  The next day we were at TJ Maxx and I see these pots.  I saw them a few weeks ago but then they were gone the next time I was in the store.  So when I saw them back in the store I was excited and they were on clearance! But I do have a lot of decor so I've been trying to not buy much.  I told Kolbe we should probably get these just cause they are so cool and only $16 each.  He looks at me and says are they worth 2 video games? Heck yes! So I got them!  I'm down to only 8 games to bargain with which is only 2 shoes but Kolbe was pretty pleased that he worked me out of 1 pair of shoes, it was funny.  And don't tell him but I would have traded 4 games for my vases. Now I just have to find a spot for them.... hmmmm.  


  1. Oh my gosh, LOVE those!!! How big are they? So...we're going to be moving in the very near future and I'm going to (cheaply) redecorate the whole place. OH MAN!!!! I'm SO stoked...and those pots sort of match what I'm doing. If they're big enough, we might have to be twinners :)

  2. To each their own, right? Happy shoe shopping!

  3. Foxy- they are about 18" tall. I got them at TJ Maxx. My advice.... I love Ross and TJ's- you have to be willing to shop over multipl weeks and trips but they have great decor for great prices. The majority of my art and decor comes from TJ's. I love their artwork and I can get a canvas painting for $25-$100. Also, Tai Pan (right now they are only in Utah, the Layton one is good) has great pots and even good fake flowers and greenery. I was looking for a topiary a few weeks ago and wished there was a Tai Pan here, they are pretty cheap and actually look better then all the expensive stuff at other stores. Let me know if you need any other advice :)
    And Kelly, it's not really about the shoes it's just one of those things that Kolbe thinks I have too many of(and he's kinda right) but I think he has too many games so that's what I compare it with. I"m actually getting decor with my bargaining "chips" more then anything else. And let's be honest I don't really even have to use a bargaining tool. I could buy them if I wanted, it just makes the game better!

  4. Awesome! Thanks, Heidi! And thanks for the referral. Hilarious!