Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Going Home!

 We are flying to Utah today! 

I have always loved Thanksgiving, I'm not really sure why (and no it's not because of all the food although that is a good part of it).  We usually go to my grandma's house and everyone piles in and we eat and visit.  Last year we went to the high school and played football and over the last few years my grandma has gotten the kids into making gingerbread houses.  I usually help the small kids but last year I made my very own house.  This year I think I'm especially excited because I haven't seen my family for 3 months!  I think my little sister (she's 15 and my best friend) has the whole 3 days planned for us already, which included me hanging out with her the whole time (but I'm okay with that).  Living far away from my family makes me more aware of how thankful I am for them and thankful that we get to go home and spend the holiday with them.

My grandma is an amazing cook, I can't wait to eat, visit and just hang out.

 I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving holiday.

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