Friday, November 5, 2010

Keeping Busy and Making New Hobbies

So I've been married for 2 months! Wow, the time has gone fast.  Our house is looking good (I know I am working on getting pictures) and I'm getting use to living in San Diego and all the changes I have encountered.  One thing that has been rough lately is feeling like I have a purpose.  I stay busy with the house renovations and Kolbe and I have lot of fun hanging out.  We've been to a few concerts, Carrie Underwood (for me) and Taj Mahal (for him), we went to a Padres/Dodger's baseball game, my first pro baseball game, the beach and hiking and a few other things. But sometimes I feel like I just pass the day away waiting for K to come home.  I knew going into all of this there would be some rough times like getting a little homesick and trying to make new friends.
Some days I feel like I'm doing great and moving forward and making progress and other days I feel lonely and lazy.  I have been applying for jobs and it's frustrating when I don't even get any phone calls or interest in my resume.  Kolbe is great at helping me stay positive and my dogs are great to take hiking and for walks.  I've made a few friends but it isn't quite the same as my old friends.  I guess this is just normal when you relocate which I haven't had to do in 10 years or so and even then I was always within a few hours drive from my family.  But on a positive note it has been nice to have time to sit and read a book or sleeping in or taking my dogs to the dog park (which is cool because we didn't really have them in Utah).  I am loving being married and I learn more about Kolbe and myself all the time.  I love that he is the one person I love seeing anytime, that we can just hang out at night and make dinner (I love making dinner together), watch TV or I'll blog while he plays a video game (which is what is currently happening).  I love that we can have a lazy Saturday or bum around and run errands together and it's better because we do it together.  I love that when I'm grumpy or discouraged he knows just how to cheer me up and make me laugh (which will most often time include some form of tickling torture!)
This post is ending up into a novel, oops.  But through all of this I'm overall super happy and loving my life, it's still a little weird to think that a few months ago my life consisted of living in Utah, teaching interior design, being close to my family and having a house full of roommates and now my life is in San Diego, married and living with a guy (which is so much better then 3 girls!) being 800 miles from my family, no jobs and only a small handful of friends. Regardless of all the changes I wouldn't change it.  However finding a job is next on the list, but in the mean time I'm working on some hobbies and cultivating talents. One of these hobbies includes this blog! More info will come on that soon.  But for now I'm going to give you a hint on what my next hobby is going to be.... Thus the Kitchen Aid.

Remember when I blogged here about trying to be domestic so I bought a Kitchen Aid mixer?  Well I have found a purpose for the mixer, besides making chocolate chip cookies!  Stay tuned and see what I am up to..... any guess?


  1. Heidi, have you ever gotten into indexing? It is kind of, well hard isn't the word, but it takes work. And the idea that you are putting census and other records up for millions of people to use to track their family history, it is great. Aunt Wendy, Uncle Bruce and others in our family are really good at it. I do it, but I am not great yet. I just thought it might be something to make your feel more useful?? Love you

  2. ps, I love that picture, oh, how I miss my ocean. The indexing site is

  3. Ooooo Oooooo Oooooo. My guess is bread. Pumpkin chocolate chip bread to be exact. Pumpkin Chocolate chip bread that you are bringing to Utah when you come and visit in a few weeks. I'm soooo right, aren't I!

  4. I can totally relate to everything you are talking about as it happened to me.
    I found it very hard when I moved to Grand Cayman where your partner is being living for 12yrs, because you feel like your entire life is moving around them, he had his life there, his friends, his activities and I didn't. So, I had to make a very big effort to start my own things, I was always very independent so not having my own activities would make me feel very dependent of him.
    It was hard at times but I think acknowledge of the situation is the first step, plus having a lovely partner to support you and care for you makes a big difference, hang in there, hope you find a job soon. Looking forward to you new blog endeavors!!!

  5. The job will come. The friends will come. And in the meantime you have the time to re-discover yourself. It's nice to have a life all built up, but when you move and don't know anyone, you get the chance to completely redefine yourself. I love and hate doing it, but it is always an adventure and I end up learning and growing. So hang in there, and when you are really lonely you know I'm only a phone call away (if I don't answer you just keep trying as I am probably just busy scrubbing paint off of the carpet or something).